Monday, April 03, 2006

#5 Theme:Mail Art Size: Postcard

This time we are doing something a little different.
Since we have such a large number of artist from around the globe
who would like to contribute. We've decided to go the way of Mail Art.

Each person will be recieving an email that will contain an address of another contributing artist, thsi will be your swap aprtner.You will have one month to create a piece of art for this person.Deadline date TBD
before I leave town in two weeks I will send out a final email to those who have contacted me to partcipate.The email will contain all details.
So if by any chance there are any last minute takers,now is your chance to let me know you are in.
Leave a comment and I will contact you for your details.

After all art is swapped, all I ask is that you send me an image of the work you recieved in the mail from your swap partner,so I may post pictures,as well as this year we will be making a small book.Every one will get a copy of the book.


#4 Theme: Music to inspire Size: 5x5 inches

We made a mixed cd with various songs and sounds.
Sent it to the artist to listen to for inspiration.

25 Artist
first time we had international artists contribute
Held in a private Studio.
Photos to be scanned

#3 Theme:MEANTIME Size: Panoramic 11x4

45 Artists
Asbury/Weeks studio
Photos to be scanned in

Sunday, April 02, 2006

#2 Theme:STICKS AND STONES Size: 16x20

Theme:Sticks and Stones
Size: 16x20
50 artists

#1 Theme: BASE Size: no bigger then a breadbox

23 artist contributed
Hosted in Nicola's Studio

How it began

Lucky Dip was started a few years back by Friends Nicola and Mylissa as a way to gather talented artist friends together to create,exhibit and swap art in a random way.To gather artists in a way that would encourage them to be creative where there would not be any pressures or judgements.To have fun and enjoy creating art again.
It was a simle plan, send out invites to friends asking them to contribute one piece of art.They would get a theme a size and a month to work. At the end of the month there would be a one night only exhibition at a host studio or gallery. Invite all the friends and family they wanted, donate a bottle of wine and enjoy the company of others and marvel in the art produced for this special event. At the end of the night each artist who contributed work would then reach into a bowl,pull out a number thathad been assigned to a piece of artwork and they would be able to take that work home with them at the end of the night.Thus starting their own little collection.

The first show had 23 artists,some for the first time showing others their art.Others having been in the business for 30 years. It was supposed to be a one time only event.There was such a good response and artist kept asking when the next one would be and if they could be involved..and so it became a yearly event.Entering now into the fourth year.There have been a few kinks along the way and at one point the number of artist involved numbered 53, however we preferred the small intimate numbers.Overall it has been a great journey and we hope it can continue each year.

This blog is a temporary home for the lucky dip art swap information. We will be posting some photos from past shows as well as any information regarding new shows.If anyone would like to be involved please feel free to drop us a comment and we will add you too the list.