Monday, April 03, 2006

#5 Theme:Mail Art Size: Postcard

This time we are doing something a little different.
Since we have such a large number of artist from around the globe
who would like to contribute. We've decided to go the way of Mail Art.

Each person will be recieving an email that will contain an address of another contributing artist, thsi will be your swap aprtner.You will have one month to create a piece of art for this person.Deadline date TBD
before I leave town in two weeks I will send out a final email to those who have contacted me to partcipate.The email will contain all details.
So if by any chance there are any last minute takers,now is your chance to let me know you are in.
Leave a comment and I will contact you for your details.

After all art is swapped, all I ask is that you send me an image of the work you recieved in the mail from your swap partner,so I may post pictures,as well as this year we will be making a small book.Every one will get a copy of the book.



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