Saturday, May 13, 2006

Luck Dip # 6 Mail Art Swap

Mail Deadline was Friday.We hope everyone was able to get their swap in the post in time.If not please notify me ASAP! This is to ensure everyone who contributed does indeed get some art.As you receive your swap please let me know what you think as well as feel free to blog about the whole experience.We will be in contact as the book comes along.This will take a few months but it should be a nice little reminder of what you did.
We hope you enjoyed your time. Realizing that when you take a step back from your daily lives.That creating art is not a job but a passion and something that can only enrich your life.
As well, we hope you all had such a good time you'll do it again in the future.Look here in a few months for the next idea,theme and deadline.


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