Friday, July 07, 2006

The Next One Begins

The next Lucky Dip Art Swap will be at the end of the year. This next one will take place in a local Los Angeles Gallery, for one night only (as alwasys).
We will start the process now,if anyone is interested now is the the time to email (just leave a comment)let us know and we wil contact you with details.
The idea is to give this time to really build up new artist wanting to get involved,along with the old faces, So if you do want in.You might not get an email for a few's all perculating...It's going to be a great theme this time around,if I dont say so myself..shhhh it's a secret.So get in and you'll get the details..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Count me in.
I'm a lucky dip.


4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:23 PM  
Blogger coque calabaza said...

I'm a mexican art student, I'd like to get more info on the project, you can check out my drawings blog:

3:30 PM  

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